July 23, 2017

Volunteer Program

Volunteerism is 100% of what we do. We could not exist without the time, effort and expertise that each volunteer commits to giving. We recognize the valuable roles our volunteers play and we are committed to providing training and support to each and everyone.

We ask that each volunteer agrees to a committed role for a set amount of time (of their choosing). If you know in advance that it will be difficult to fulfill this commitment, please consider helping us in other ways by supporting through facebook or by making a simple donation.

  • In order to volunteer you must be 18 years or older
  • If you are are between the ages of 14 - 17 a parent or guardian must be present with you at all times while inside of PetSmart or throughout our off site events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cage Cleaners
We could always use some extra help with cage cleaning. The job is straight forward. When cleaning the cages you will be able to let the cat out and roam free w/ in the cat-cage room. Changing the cat's litter, water and food bowls as well as a quick disinfectant wipe down of the inside of the cage its self. Each cage can take anywhere between 5 - 20 mn. There are 8 cages available for use. All the cleaning supplies and food is stored in a broom-closet inside the cat-cage room. We usually like to allow for the cats to stretch their legs and play a bit before returning them into their cages, but if time is minimal a quick clean will suffice just as well. We will do a brief training to demonstrate the quality of cleanliness & care regulated by PetSmart. You must be 18 years or older to help with this position. 

Wash/Dry Dishes or Laundry
We have dirty dishes! We like to sanitize our water bowls as often as possible. If you have an available dish washer (machine) that can help thoroughly sanitize our bowls, your help would be greatly appreciated.

We have laundry! Towels, cat beds and  table clothes need to be washed weekly. If you have an available washer and dryer, clean linens would be greatly appreciated.

****Our adult cats need temporary homes sometimes. Life inside PetSmart can get a bit hectic for them. If you have NO other pets preferably and would like to temporarily have a companion this would be perfect for you. (we would consider maybe 1 - 2 small non-territorial pets.) You would be responsible for feeding, cleaning, grooming, play time, and human contact to help with socialization.

****Our kittens need full time attention. They have a very demanding scheduled and they are very time consuming. This would be great for someone who stays at home the majority of the day. You would be responsible for multiple daily feedings, cleaning, grooming, play time, socialization with human contact and socialization with other litter mates as well. (we will supply with food and litter)

  • You must be 21 years or older to apply for this position. 
  • You must have valid, reliable personal transportation readily available.
  • Sunshine Rescue Group will call the landlord/property management company for approval if renting prior to receiving any animals.
  • All foster families must show proof of current medical insurance.
  • Foster parent(s) may not release the animal for adoption or to another caretaker/foster parent for any reason without approval from director.
  • All foster animals remain the property of Sunshine Rescue Group at all times.


  • Every Saturday between 11am and 11:30am set up occurs.
  • All persons must have the ability to lift 20+ lbs.
  • Setting up the tables and cages which come shrink wrapped on a palette. The palette is stored inside PetSmart throughout the week. All stored items will be brought to us by PetSmart staff.
  • The tables are large between 4ft and 6ft with folding legs. 
  • Cage-crates are folded for storage purposes and need to be propped up and attached. 
  • Water bowls need to be attached to all cages and water needs to be in all bowls. 
  • Litter boxes need to go in all cage-crates.
  • All materials/supplies needed is stored onsite.
  • This process for 1 person takes up to 50 minutes. With 2 people it takes less than 20mn. At least 1 person from Sunshine Rescue Group will be available to help you if requested prior to Saturday event set up .

Take-down starts around 4:45pm and can take up to an hour to thoroughly sanitize, clean, sort and put away all materials used that day.

Option #1   Medical transportation is always needed to take animals to get spayed/neutered. We use various vets in the local area, and one out in Richmond.

Option #2 Event transportation is needed for tables, chairs and cages a few times year. No animals will ride with you.

Option #3 Transportation is occasionally desired for those wanting to adopt but have no transportation currently available. Distances are usually within the East Bay area.

****No handling of money is necessary at time of drop-off or pick-up at veterinary clinics/animal hospitals.

Don't have the time to volunteer on a regular basis but still want to help?

  • Organize a fundraiser of some sort: bake-sale, or get donated supplies such as towels, you could also have an event  that collects new pet supplies.
  •  Donate - Private donations really help keep us going 
  •  Grant Writing - we are always looking for more ways to raise money. If you are skilled and writing and like to research, this would be perfect for you. You have the luxury to stay at home and still manage to volunteer your time.
  • Special events - We have opportunities to join local street and county events, as well as events funded by our affiliates. We generally need more bodies to help watch over the animals and educate the public when we are able to participate.
  • Have other ideas? we welcome all new fundraising opportunities that our volunteers could help to organize and facilitate.
  •  Feral cat program - When we have enough resources we try to help our community by spaying and neutering our over populated feral colonies. This will help to insure that the colonies will not continue to grow and over time will dissipate naturally.

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