August 20, 2017
After putting so much love and care into the animals that become part of the Sunshine family, we are always excited to hear about how they are doing in their new homes.  So, here are some of happy endings. Please share your success story about a pet that you adopted from us, we always love to share updates about our "alumni".
Phoenix went on a sleepover on 4/16.  He looks very proud of his achievement and what a handsome couple.
Yam & Carbon
Yam (small orange one) was adopted by his foster family from Sunshine in Dec 2013. In June 2014, Carbon (formerly Bentley, and another foster failure!) was brought into the family as well. Yam and Carbon, though literally opposite in personalities and 7 months apart, have proven to be inseparable. Yam and the leading lady in the house (i.e. the dog) have been best friends since the beginning. Both of the young boys have weaselled their ways into the hearts of the two older boys as well. Carbon was practically feral when he was brought in as a foster and then became quite sick. He has proven to be a resilient kitty and his personality has exploded - he is extremely affection, full of purrs and always ready to snuggle. All in all it is a VERY happy family!! We couldn't have asked for more amazing cats. 
Thank you!
 Gertie (formerly Symphony)
The first few days here, she hid on the boards inside the box spring in our bedroom and I could only reach in to pet her now and then by laying on the floor. However, I saw evidence each day, that at some point, she was using her cat box and eating and drinking. About the third day, I was able to get her onto a flat cat mat that I had placed under the bed by scratching her neck and cheeks, (which she loves), and by using cat treats. Now I could reach in and pet her easily. I could get her to come out from under the bed by the end of first week, and she started to groom and even scratch and climb on her cat tree as I sat nearby. She started playing with her mice the second week, and began to meow a little while playing. Though she ran back under the bed during that time whenever we stood up (!?), we continued to coax her back out each time and now she has gotten used to our walking around. She has come out and explored every room in the house, though she will still run and hide under the bed at strange noises or motions. She will always come back out and look for us again, as she seems to prefer company to being alone. She loves looking out the sliding glass door at the backyard and though she and our male 11 year old cat Yaqui have not yet bonded, they sniff and sit near each other on the couch without any cat drama. We are hopeful they will become friends in the near future. We are keeping her inside of course, but have already had to use the locator we attached to her collar when she went under a dresser and hid in one of the bookshelves behind it. It sure eliminates the stress level and panic of a lost cat. I’ve attached a few photos of her and one of Yaqui in his cat tent. We want to thank you all for saving her and letting us adopt her. Did you know she loves to watch TV? She seems mesmerized by it as we found out a few nights ago. She is sitting next to me as I write this. By the way, I call the noise she makes when she’s purring and very happy, “tribbling” as it reminds me of the Star Trek episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles”, as that’s what they sounded like. What a funny sweet cat!
  Chip                                                Daisy
Drew                                                   Raider
Sarah                                                   Vinnie

            Bix & Miles (aka Bully and the Orange Cat)
We are writing to tell you about our new life in Oakland and how much we appreciate all the love and care you gave us when we were little. We have a good time being together every day and really enjoy each other. We own a home in the Oakland hills with lots of outdoor space in our yard and birds, rats, mice, gophers, and lizards to entertain us. We have a human staff of two elderly people who keep the place up and tend to our needs, not perfect, but you know how hard it is to get help these days. We are sending some pictures of us in our daily setting, usually on some nice piece of OUR furniture, and occasionally a convenient lap. We miss you and hope you are having lots of fun with other guys like us to entertain you.

Bix (Orange Cat) and Miles (Gray Tabby)